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Aronia Alive Agriculture Ltd. Business Proposal, including the main topics of our Project Plan

Because of the great interest of the world market especially in Aronia berry concentrate as well as in many different Aronia berry products and all inquires we received last year, that made us sending you now our Project Plan concerning growing, possessing and trading of Aronia berry as it follows:

What we have planned to have or establish

We believe we had a unique chance eight years ago to learn about the world’s healthiest fruit Aronia/Chokeberry fruit. That made us start studying and working hard on behalf of healthy, ecologically sound living and thinking. We strongly believe and thе life shows us day by buy this is inevitably the only right way.

Our project is conceived to develop growing, processing and trading of a fruit called Aronia /the Chokeberries or Aronia melanocarpa/ that seems to be a landmark on this road back due to its unique capacity for combining the qualities of both healthy food and a therapeutic agent which can be prescibed for many common diseases of our age.

About the situation of Bulgarian aronia farms

There are a lot of small plantations owned and run by two or three persons sized between 5 acre to 25 acre large. Our Aronia farm is 5.5 acreq situated near the Balkan of Troyan. There is a human resourse and already available crops. Meanwhile, we the Bulgarian aronia farmers found out that aronia became more and more popular and more and more Bulgarians choose to grow aronia instead, so that step by step Bulgarian plants extend during the years. It started out just to be more or less a small family project and it was a sort of snowballed until now when good quality crop and quantities are available.

There are enough opportunities to start developing more aronia berry marketing ideas and to encourage more farmers and get more people involved to create an industry but always same problem occurs here – lack of funds even to handpick the berries of crop 2012. It is because, as many of us know, these super healthy berries are still not enough popular although all real incredible benefits and our farmers are not in position to make the product popular and to find markets because it has its cost. Back through the years when almost all Bulgarian aronia farms were planted,we were concentrated only in the care of the crop growing and its quality levels. Our relatives, friends and groups using the work as a fundraising opportunity have all helped both growing, handpicking the berries, drying it. But the major hurdle is to build a large enough supply to meet the amount of berries that manufacturers want to strike a deal. For this reason, I can not imagine that we can allow the same situation to happen again and let this precious fruit unpicked in 2013, too. We are one of the very few farmers harvested our berries crop.

At the same time we all know that very soon a foreign оr а local company, even not necessary to be enough strong, will come and will seek to monopolize Bulgarian aronia market and it do not need to fight with any competitor and there is no need to fight with competiion since there is simply no such.

So that in case it could be interesting for you, you are well come and let us do our best together finding best way for cooperation in order first of all to arrange the harvesting of 2013 crop and to develop a wider product range in the same branch, to ensure a better production and ensure successful mutual activities.

Or quite simply – there is a aronia raw material in Bulgaria, there is a cheap human resource, there is a well equipped processing plants including concentrated aronia processing equipped plant as well as our full assistance in taking care and arranging full productions support, packaging, storage, as a facilitator procuring different licenses, certificates and full production documentation up to the export support of the Aronia products. We are just looking for an investor ready to offer funds for an initiative same the above described up to the point when a higher efficiency is achieved.

We are looking for Investor and after discussion between us and the Investor we will decide whether to structure the arrangements of Joint Venture or our company to accept ensuring of full support on commission base.

As you know, these berries packed with disease-fighting antioxidants have the potential to become the next big healthy superfood, according to the world researchers which made many Bulgarians make their decision in planting chokeberry plants.

The facility we already have is our Aronia farm of 5.20 acres for the moment and the main object of activity of our company is trading and processing with aronia berry fruits. Aronia Alive Agriculture Ltd. aims to be the most important link in the region connecting the average producers of aronia in Bulgaria and the international companies dealing in imports of aronia.

What we have planned to have or establish

For this reason we would like to cooperate with a leading international company in order to develop together a wider product range in the same branch, to ensure a wider production range, to open new markets and ensure successful mutual activities.

We want let the interested in this activity investors know that Aronia fruits allow to be possessed in a very wide range of products as it follows:

- 100% cold-pressed organic aronia juice,     “bag-in-box” pack, 1.5 L, 3 L

- 100% cold-pressed organic apple juice,       “bag-in-box” pack, 3 L

- 100% cold-pressed organic apple&aronia juice (70%/30%),

“bag-in-box” pack, 3 L
- 100% cold-pressed organic aronia juice,      285 ml, 750 ml glass bottle
- Dried organic aronia,                                         polyethylene packaging 300g
- Aronia powder,                                                    polyethylene packaging 100g

- High vitamins contents aronia fruit drink

produced as a result of spontaneous

alcoholic fermentation, vintage 2009,             375ml, 750 ml glass bottle
- Chaenomeles juice,                                             250ml glass bottle

For this reason we are looking for investor who can accept the following obligation:

1.The first step of the investment proposal will consist purchasing equipment necessary for cultivating the farm land, processing and storage of the fruits as it follows:
- Cultivator machine
- Aronia berry harvester
- Shocked freezing equipment for making Aronia concentrate iceberg bars
- Freezing compartments for storage of frozen Aronia fruit and Aronia concentrate iceberg bars
- Drying chamber equipment

2. Funding production of Aronia Herb Wine. For this reason we place Aronia fruits from our farm at disposal of one of the best reputation Bulgarian winery in Lyaskovets town. We submit the aronia fruits from our plant to the winery and pay just for the package and the production of the wine. So, the price for the processing of the wine, the bottle and the label cost us USD 1.60 /the cost of the aronia berry fruit is not included/. This info is just to get approx. idea about the costs in Bulgaria.

4. Funding the Bulgarian know-how for production of The Strongest Organic Food Coloring Agent so that 1 liter of concentrate to achieve shading/coloring of 1000 liters fluid

The Investment value we need

Since we wouldn’t like to put limits unilaterally we prefer to decide together with the potential investor whether to implement all proposed above (closed cycle of production of aronia to finished product), or just the production and marketing of aronia or only production of specific product, etc. and so we want this to happen in the course of our negotiations and on the basis of the joint solution we can determine according to the investment value we will need.

How to use invested money

In case we choice Joint Venture form of partnership at 1st phase most of the farmers we have united, maintaining constant contact with them to constant awareness of the condition of the crops forecast for expected quantities they are willing to provide us in the case of interest of the Investor. We shall use the invested money for gathering the crop 2013 at the end of August or beginning of September, depends on the weather, otherwise we’ll dispose only with our own quantity of 5 tones this year, and most of the crop in Bulgaria will not be harvested as it usually happened.

At 2nd phase, all our intentions will depend on the conclusion between us and the investor and his choice of the production he will prefer to start together.

At 3d phase, we hope the Investor will accept to open different markets already ready for the Aronia products bearing in mind all received inquiries connected to worldwide well known last years tremendous nutritional value of the Aronia fruit. European and US researchers have extensively studied the extract of Aronia fruit and found it to be a nutrient dense food with incredible protective and healing properties. A host of health issues are eased with the Aronia berry including high-blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. A rich source of antioxidants, this fruit also provides strong protection against aging and neurodegeneration.

It is not by chance that Japan’s Ministry of Health recommended Aronia Berries to those who were undergoing radiation sickness treatments due to the nuclear meltdown after the tsunami and earthquake. They say that Aronia Berries support the treatment of the sickness!

Repayment Plan

Because of all above mentioned facilities are negotiable, details will be disclosed to qualified prospective partners based on the collaborative strategies the parties choose. Disclosure is only subject of the partners’ covenants. We also expect proposals from investors – how they prefer to proceed, what their Aronia berry products’ target is, and we believe to meet them soon.

Our responsibility/role for this project

Our team can consider staying on in whatever form, capacity and duration required, providing the necessary support services. Our people are well qualified and have proven track record. We can serve best local support in the Aronia farm same we do now as well as in most Aronia farms in the region, in taking care in arranging full productions support, packaging, storage, as a facilitator procuring different licenses, Certificates and full production documentation up to the export support of the Aronia products.

Please stay informed that thousands of tones of these precious fruits crop 2012 was not harvested because of lack of funds only.

It will be pleasure for us to find best way for best co-operation.

With regards,

Aronia Alive Agricultue Ltd. Team

1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Geo Milev Str. 116 B,
Bld. 53 Fl.4

+359 886 759 584
+359 884 559 227

e-mail: office@aroniabg.com